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Standard Products US M1 Carbine WW2
Standard Products US M1 Carbine

Standard Products US M1 Carbine WW2

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Price: $1,575.00
Mid War Production with Underwood Barrel
Item Number: FW01211446
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WW2 production US M1 .30 Carbine. This one was made by Standard Products in mid WW2. Serial number 2157489 indicates the receiver was made between September 1943 and January 1944. Barrel is Underwood dated 10-43 with a flaming bomb proof. (See below for details on the barrel). This carbine has been reparkerized and went through an arsenal rebuild at some point. Stock is marked "AN" indicating work at Anniston Arsenal. No import marks. Overall condition is very good. Parts are described in detail below. Parts were clean for photos, coated with oil and greased where appropriate when reassembled. The gun has been test fired and functions perfectly.

A 15 round magazine, reproduction sling and oiler, plus a reproduction lined carry case are all included.

C & R Eligible.


Receiver: Marked "U.S. CARBINE CAL .30 M1", "STD. PRO." (obscured by rear sight). Serial number 2157489. 

Barrel:  Underwood, 10-43, flaming bomb, "P" , bright bore and sharp riflings. NOTE: This barrel has been counterbored about 1/4 “. This was sometimes done to all barrels during arsenal rebuild. The overall condition of the barrel and receiver are excellent. It is almost impossible for a counterbored crown to be damaged. Counterbored barrels are usually more accurate than those without it. It is not possible to measure ME with a standard gauge, however we have pin gauges. A .300 gauge will just fit into the rifling, but a .301 will not. Another carbine barrel that we have with ME 1 on a Garand gauge was tested with the pin gauges, same result. 

Trigger Housing: "BE-B", IBM

Hammer: "H.I." Inland

Sear: "R.I.", Inland

Slide: "PI" inside, with faint 7160091 on bottom. Inland

Bolt: flat, "AI" Inland

Rear Sight: "H" Inland

Front Sight: ".U.", Underwood

Stock: Flaming bomb in slingwell with "M", also marked "AN" Anniston Arsenal, two "P"s behind trigger guard

Magazine: 15 rounds marked "IS" Inland

Sling/Oiler: Reproduction

Carry Case: Reproduction, canvas, fleece lined

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