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WW2 US M1 .30 Carbine Presentation Style
Winchester M1 Carbine

WW2 US M1 .30 Carbine Presentation Style

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Price: $1,800.00
Blued Finish with Gold Accents
Item Number: FW01211458
Availability: SOLD
WW2 US M1 .30 carbine, completely restored with blued finish, polished bolt, gold plating and high gloss wood stock. This carbine has a Winchester receiver, serial number dates to late 1944. Other parts are from mixed manufacturers, marked parts are noted below. 

Great detail was taken to create this presentation style carbine. We are unsure when the restoration was done, blued finish and wood look beautiful, there is some wear on the gold plating on the sights, recoil plate and buttplate.  The gun is fully functional-this is not a drill rifle.  15 round magazine is included. No sling or oiler. 

C & R Eligible.


Receiver: "WINCHESTER 6573420". Manufacturer and serial number are sharp (though Winchester is partially obscured due to sight). Lettering "U.S. CARBINE CAL .30 M1" is faint due to polishing.

Barrel: unmarked. Bore is bright and shiny

Bolt: Inland, marked AI. Polished metal, not blued.

Slide: Inland, marked H

Trigger Housing: Saginaw Gear, marked S'G'

Hammer: Underwood, marked WU. Not blued, retains parkerized finish

Barrel Band: Inland, marked KI

Recoil Plate: Saginaw Gear, marked SG

Stock and handguards: No markings, glossy finish, tiger stripe. Handguards excellent match to stock.

Magazine: Inland, marked HI. 15 round.


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