Winchester M1 Garand with Norwegian Barrel
Winchester M1 Garand
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Winchester M1 Garand with Norwegian Barrel

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Winchester M1 Garand, serial number 23853xx, manufactured Feb 1944. This M1 rifle has a Norwegian barrel dated October 1954, in as new condition. A few other parts are marked Winchester, all are described below and shown in pictures. New walnut stock. No import marks.


The gun has been disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and test fired. Parts were clean for photos, coated with oil and greased where appropriate when reassembled.




Winchester M1 sn 23853xx Specs:



·         Receiver: marked “D28291-2” on leg. Misc. assembly markings on several surfaces underneath. Excellent condition, absolutely no pitting. Original finish shows wear. Receiver legs have rough machining marks, typical for Winchester.

·         Barrel: unusual Norwegian in new condition, marked “D6353448-10-54 XX PS” in op rod slot with Norwegian crown. This barrel seems to have never been fired, with no carbon at the gas port, before we did some test firing.  

·         Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Erosion (ME): ½, Throat Erosion (TE):  2

·         Op rod: flat side, marked “6535382 SA”. Good working condition, has a little pitting on the front section that sits in the gas cylinder.

·         Op rod catch: late type, unmarked

·         Bullet guide: postwar stamped type with notch

·         Clip latch: early round front type, marked “CM” twice, WRA

·         Follower: late type unmarked

·         Follower arm: no bevel

·         Follower rod: long fork, riveted

·         Bolt: marked “D28287-1 W.R.A.”, with hole in underside, good condition with finish mostly worn off.

·         Sight knobs: T105 postwar type, elevation marked “NHC”, windage “DRC”

·         Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

·         Rear sight aperture: double track

·         Trigger housing: marked “D28290-W.R.A.”, small pad, cloverleaf hole. Good condition with worn finish

·         Trigger guard: WWII milled type, SA

·         Trigger: late type, no extra hole

·         Hammer spring plunger: WWII type with wings

·         Hammer: marked “C46008-1 W.R.A.”

·         Safety: round top, unmarked

·         Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, flat on top of rear ring, punch mark on bayonet lug. Finish is nice.

·         Front sight: 0.63 wide

·         Gas cylinder lock: square front type, marked “M”

·         Gas cylinder lock screw: cross slot poppet valve type, marked “O”

·         Stock and handguards: new, walnut, nice finish

·         Sling: new repro


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