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Winchester M1 Garand with VAR Barrel
Winchester M1 Rifle

Winchester M1 Garand with VAR Barrel

Price: $1,500.00
.30-06 with Danish marked stock
Item Number: FW01306
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Winchester  M1 Garand serial number 1316xxx, manufactured April 1943.

This is a “Danish return” rifle. After WWII, 20,000 Garands were loaned to the Danish military. In 1998, about 17,000 of these were returned to the US Army. While in Denmark, many of the rifles were used enough to require new barrels and/or other parts. This one has a 1960 VAR (Vaabenarsenalet) Danish barrel. Caliber is .30-06.

This rifle is particularly interesting because its stock has been marked with the receiver serial number, inside and out, has a Danish data label inside, and it has its Danish hang tag. Denmark designated the M1 rifle as “7.62mm Gevaer M/50” (model 50), which is written at the top of the hang tag. This is a nice collector package, in good shooting condition.

There are no import marks. All parts are described below and shown in photos.

The rifle has been disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and test fired. Parts were clean for photos, coated with oil and greased where appropriate when reassembled.

Two M1 enbloc clips and sling noted below are included.



Receiver: marked “D28291-2” on leg. Misc. assembly markings underneath. Excellent condition, absolutely no pitting. Original finish shows wear, particularly where wood contacts. This is a “two-tone” receiver – from a WWII heat treatment of the heel by being dipped in hot lead, which produces the dark appearance of the heel. Receiver legs have rough machining marks, typical for Winchester.

Barrel: marked “D 6535448 3-60 284” in op rod slot, with “VAR” and crown, “DK” and crown, “M”, and “KOA” in circle. The bore is bright but not mirror-bright, crown and rifling very good. No external pitting, good finish with some wear on the exposed front section. Chrome pads at gas port. VAR barrels are known for quality and accuracy.

Barrel Gauge Measurements: ME(muzzle erosion): 2 ½, TE(throat erosion):  2 1/2 (Want to learn more about these measurements? Read our Barrel Erosion Guide.)

Op rod: curved side, marked “D35382 6 SA”, modified. Good working condition, no pitting.

Op rod catch: marked “PB”, Beretta (Italian)

Bullet guide: stamped type without notch

Clip latch: marked “BMB”, Breda (Italian)

Follower: late type marked “12”

Follower arm: no bevel

Follower rod: long fork, riveted, marked “BMB”

Bolt: marked “D28287-12 SA S-04<>”. Has some surface pitting, but headspace is excellent.

Sight knobs: T105 postwar type, elevation marked “FZR”, windage “BME”.

Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

Rear sight aperture: double track

Trigger housing: marked “D28290-12-SA”, small pad, cloverleaf hole. No pitting.

Trigger guard: milled, SA

Trigger: late type, no extra hole

Hammer spring plunger: postwar type without wings

Hammer: marked “C46008-5 SA”

Safety: round top, marked “HRA”

Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, flat on top of rear ring. Finish fairly good.

Front sight: 0.65 wide

Gas cylinder lock: WWII beveled front type, unmarked, finish mostly gone

Gas cylinder lock screw: cross slot poppet valve type, marked “HRA”, finish mostly gone

Stock: walnut, appears to be US manufacture, probably WWII SA. Circled “P” on pistol grip can still be seen. The receiver serial number was stamped in the Danish style, between the pistol grip and sling loop, and also inside, next to the data label. No cracks, has about average dings/scratches, none severe. Has reproduction brass ID disk on pistol grip.

Handguards: walnut, same condition and appearance as stock. Rear handguard clip is marked “BMB”, Breda.

Sling: used, web type, adjustment latch appears to be nickel or similar plated, a little unusual.





M1 Garand Leather Sling Reproduction 1907
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M1 Enbloc Clip
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