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WIN-13 M1 Garand WW2 1945
WIN-13 M1 Garand

WIN-13 M1 Garand WW2 1945

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Price: $4,000.00
Among Last of Winchester M1s produced
Item Number: FW011418
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Highly desirable WIN-13 M1 Garand. The WIN-13s are the last M1s manufactured by Winchester in the final months of WWII. The serial number on this one dates to March 1945, and receiver leg is marked WIN-13.

This WIN-13 appears to be all correct except for a couple of small parts (noted below). All parts are detailed below and shown in pictures. There are no import marks.

This WIN-13 is in very good used condition. Original finish, some brown patina on the receiver, no pitting on any metal parts. The bore is bright and shiny with excellent gauge measurements. Winchester stock is very nice, with minimal dings, no cracks.

The Garand performed well in our test firing, cycling through a full clip, ejecting the clip at the end.

Two M1 enbloc clips (no ammo) are included.

Rifle will ship in a foam lined hard plastic case.

C & R Eligible.


Receiver: marked “D28291WIN-13” on leg. Heel marked “U.S. RIFLE CAL. .30 M1 WINCHESTER TRADEMARK” and serial number.

Barrel: Winchester, marked on top D35448 W.R.A. (numbers are faint, see photo). Firing proof W with P in op rod slot along with various assembly markings. Bright bore with sharp riflings.

Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Wear: 1, Throat Erosion:  2

Op rod: marked D35382W.R.A., uncut, slant.

Clip latch: round front, marked CM (very faint)

Op rod catch: marked A

Bullet guide: SA, wide slot, with raised drop forge code markings

Follower: late type marked 13.

Follower arm: WRA, single bevel, marked 8

Follower rod: stamped, long fork, riveted

Bolt: marked D28287-1 W.R.A., with hole in underside.

Firing pin: half round

Extractor: unmarked

Sight knobs: WRA lockbar, open arrowheads, serrated knobs

Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

Rear sight aperture: WRA

Trigger housing: marked D28290-W.R.A., small pad, cloverleaf hole.

Trigger guard: milled type, marked C46025 W.R.A.

Trigger: marked A

Hammer spring plunger: parkerized, with wings

Hammer: marked C-46008-1 W.R.A.

Safety: flat top, marked C46015-4 W.R.A.

Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, round on top of rear ring.

Front sight: Winchester, .75 wide, unmarked

Gas cylinder lock: rounded top, unmarked.

Gas cylinder lock screw: cross slot poppet valve type, marked “P” twice

Stock: walnut, Winchester, with v-notch trigger guard, rounded pistol grip. There are two firing proof marks, one a serif circle P close to the grip cap, this mark is very faint. The other is a sans serif circle P in the pistol grip. Overall very nice appearance with minimal dings, no cracks or repairs.  

Buttplate: WRA, marked 2S inside

Handguards: walnut, both have minor dings/scratches, no cracks, match stock in appearance.

Accessories:  2 M1 enbloc clips (no ammo), foam lined hard case


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