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Winchester M1 Garand WIN-13
Winchester M1 Garand WIN-13 Made 1945

Winchester M1 Garand WIN-13

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Price: $5,500.00
Manufactured April 1945
Item Number: FW01374
Availability: SOLD.

One of the rarest and most sought after M1 Garands: a Winchester “WIN-13”. Serial number 1617908, manufactured April 1945. Bore is mint, GHD stock is excellent. We believe the gun has been fired very little.  No import marks.

According to the Winchester polishing shop ledger (Canfield) the serial number was stamped April 7, 1945, before heat treatment and assembly. We are not the experts in “correctitude” of all parts, but this rifle seems to be all WIN-13, and there are reasons to believe that the parts are original. See photos and detailed parts descriptions.

This WIN-13 is without lubrication, as it was when it came to us. It has not been test fired at this time. If the buyer wants it test fired, we will lubricate it and provide a test firing video.

The rifle will ship in a foam lined hard case.  




Receiver: marked “D28291WIN-13” on leg. Heel marked “U.S. RIFLE CAL. .30 M1 WINCHESTER TRADEMARK” (and serial number). “TRADEMARK” (tiny lettering) is as sharp as we have seen. Misc. assembly markings underneath. Excellent condition, absolutely no pitting. Original finish has some light scratches but little wear.

Barrel: Winchester, WRA oval logo in op rod slot along with various assembly markings, also marked on top “D35448 WRA”. Note photo of very light op rod wear track on the back section. The bore is bright like new. Chamber is not “in the white”, as WRA’s are not supposed to be. No chrome pads at gas port.

Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Wear: 1, Throat Erosion:  2

Lower band: arched profile, rough machining marks, solid pin

Op rod: slant side, marked “D35382W.R.A.”, unmodified. Like new lug and piston. Note the tiny spot of finish wear in “saddle”, matching the light wear track on the barrel. Rear of tube section has finish wear on the right side, which exactly matches a small shiny rub mark on the inside of the stock at the rear of the “channel”, indicating that this is the original op rod. We did not fix this light “rub”, although a minor bend adjustment would correct it, if the rifle is to be used for extensive shooting.

Clip latch: round front type, punch mark inside, finish perfect match to receiver

Op rod catch: late type, has punch mark on clip latch extension. Internal parts group (op rod catch, bullet guide, follower, follower arm, follower rod) have uniform minimal finish wear.

Bullet guide: milled type, marked “A”.

Follower: late type marked “13”.

Follower arm: single bevel, WRA-like machining marks

Follower rod: long fork, riveted, punch mark

Bolt: marked “D28287-1 W.R.A.”, with hole in underside. WRA Garands are notorious for headspace problems, but this one is not only good but perfect – bolt JUST closes on the GO gauge.

Firing pin: half round, punch mark

Extractor: with punch mark

Sight base: some finish wear on “ears”. Sight was not disassembled because pinion stake appears intact.

Sight knobs: WRA lockbar, note open arrows.

Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

Rear sight aperture: WRA profile, double track

Trigger housing: marked “D28290-W.R.A.”, large pad, cloverleaf hole.

Trigger guard: milled type, marked “C46025 W.R.A.”

Trigger: marked “A”

Hammer spring plunger: late type without wings

Hammer: marked “C-46008-1 W.R.A.”

Safety: flat top, marked “WRA-1” on inside

Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, round on top of rear ring. GC group finish is excellent.

Front sight: 0.85 wide, punch mark on right side. Sight screw is marked “A” in socket, hard to photograph but easy to see with flashlight.

Gas cylinder lock: beveled front type, unmarked. Overall smooth surface with a few machining marks on the lower flat. Finish matches GC exactly.

Gas cylinder lock screw: cross slot poppet valve type, marked “P” with hexagon.

Stock: walnut, no cracks, marked “WRA GHD” in box with crossed cannons on left side, circled “P” on pistol grip, all stamps very sharp. Far fewer than average dings/scratches. The one defect is a chip on the pistol grip “cap” that has been glued back in, see photos. Overall excellent condition and appearance.

Buttplate: marked “2S” inside, checkering intact, relatively little finish wear.

Handguards: walnut, front HG ferrule has “dash” crimp marks on sides. Rear HG clip has slight arched profile, rough machining marks. Both have minor dings/scratches, no cracks, match stock in appearance.

Accessories: Cleaning kit in buttstock with brushes and oiler, foam lined hard case


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