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Wamo Powermaster Match Pistol
Wamo Powermaster .22 Caliber Pistol

Wamo Powermaster Match Pistol

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Price: $600.00
Rare Single Shot .22 Caliber
Item Number: FW2301490
Availability: SOLD.
Here is a rare find. A Powermaster .22 Caliber Match Pistol, made by Wamo Manfacturing in the mid 1950s. The gun is in very good used condition.

Wamo was a division of the toy company Wham-O (famous for Frisbees). The division produced a few firearms, including this pistol. We have seen references to these pistols being offered for less than $20 via mail order. The Powermaster is a single shot handgun, with auto eject. It has a five inch barrel, the gun is made from pot metal and painted black. There is an adjustable rear sight and plastic ivory colored target grips. There is no safety. It can fire .22 short, long and long rifle.

This pistol shows some wear as to be expected for being close to 70 years old. There are some light scratches and finish wear. The grips are a bit yellowed with age but show no cracks or chips. The gun functions properly, we test fired it and it worked fine. The box has several tears to the outer lining but is intact.  The serial number on the box does not match the gun. There is no manual.

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