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US Model 1903 Springfield
US Model 1903 Springfield

US Model 1903 Springfield

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Price: $1,150.00
WW2 Rebuild with HS Barrel
Item Number: FW011438
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Springfield Armory M1903, .30-06, serial number 1368705. This rifle, made in 1930, has a WW2 era replacement barrel, High Standard, dated 11-44. The gun is in excellent used condition, with a bright bore and no pitting on any metal.

This is a Raritan Arsenal rebuild, was clean when we got it, so there was no need to completely dissemble everything – it does not have all matching parts. Markings we could see are listed. NOT a drill rifle. No import marks.





Receiver: manufactured 1930, labeled “U.S. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 1368705”. Gas port hole on right side. Dark parkerized finish, excellent condition. Several misc. letters marked on the bottom flat.

Barrel:  High Standard, marked “HS 11-44” with flaming bomb on top, tiny crossed cannons underneath.  4-groove rifling.  Bore is bright, rifling sharp. Crown and exterior finish excellent, no pitting.

Gauge measurements: Muzzle Erosion = 2, Throat Erosion = 2 1/2

Front sight: 1903 base/insert type, base marked “2”

Rear sight: elevator, 2700 yard scale, good operating condition.

Trigger: smooth front type

Sear: square front, probably replacement

Bolt: bent handle type, marked “R” under handle, Remington. Large gas port.

Extractor: unmarked, gas port

Safety: READY/SAFE in non-serif lettering, unmarked on edge

Trigger guard: milled, marked “R”, Remington

Barrel band spring: milled

Bayonet lug: milled/forged, marked “H”

Barrel band: milled, marked “U”

Firing pin/cocking piece: unmarked

Magazine cutoff: “R”, Remington

Follower: milled, marked “W”

Follower spring: unmarked

Stock: straight, walnut, no finger grooves. Marked “RA-P” in box on the left side, faint remnant of circle “P” behind trigger guard. Very few no dings/scratches, nice finish and appearance. One small crack near buttplate on right side.

Handguard: walnut, no cracks, same condition and appearance as stock, good color match

Rear swivel: milled type, unmarked

Buttplate: checkered Remington 1903A3 type, very good condition

Front sight cover: Sedgley

Sling: web, used. Someone has written a name in ballpoint, looks Greek.

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