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Springfield Armory US Model 1903
M1903 Springfield WW2 Rebuild

Springfield Armory US Model 1903

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WW2 Issue Barrel
Item Number: FW0111422
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Springfield Armory US Model 1903, caliber .30-06. This rifle likely went through an arsenal rebuild during WW2, as the barrel is High Standard, dated October 1944, and other marked metal parts are Remington. Parts are shown in photos and described below. The condition of the barrel and other metal parts indicate the gun has seen very little use since the rebuild. No pitting anywhere. No import marks. This M1903 has a beautiful new walnut stock.

The rifle has been disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and test fired. Parts were clean for photos, coated with oil and greased where appropriate when reassembled.




Receiver: marked U.S. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 and serial number. 

Barrel: High Standard, marked H S 10 44 with flaming bomb, proof mark P underneath barrel and crossed cannons on the right side. Bore is very nice with sharp riflings. Muzzle Erosion: ½, Throat Erosion: 1

Bayonet Lug: Springfield, marked H on bottom

Bolt: Remington, marked R and with a flaming bomb.

Magazine Cutoff: Remington, marked R, ON and OFF serif letters

Safety: Remington, FIRE SAFE block letters, marked R

Striker: unmarked

Trigger: smooth, unmarked

Middle Band: Remington, marked R on right side

Front Sight: M1903 type, unmarked

Rear Sight: Elevator, 2700 yards.

Stock: New commerical walnut, finger groove, CMP cartouche on left side, dated 2009 inside. No handling marks, scratches or dings. Used web sling in excellent condition. 


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