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MEC Shotshell Reloader Model 76
MEC Model 76 The Grabber

MEC Shotshell Reloader Model 76

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Price: $400.00
Progressive Reloader for 12 Gauge
Item Number: FW01211457
Availability: SOLD.
MEC Model 76 Shotshell reloading press, known as "The Grabber".  The machine has been completely disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, and has been fitted with some new and upgraded parts, see below for details. This reloader is in excellent used condition. There is one small gouge in the metal base, shown in pictures, it does not affect operation. The reloader works perfectly, and was recently used to make 100 shells, with no issues.

The MEC 76 is a progressive reloader: a finished shell is produced with every handle pull. Deprime and resize station 1. Primer feed is automatic. Prime and powder station 2. Wad and shot station 3. Stations 4, 5, 6 are pre-crimp, crimp, taper crimp. The turret does not rotate automatically – you remove the completed shell, replace it with an empty one, and rotate the turret one position. 

The machine is set up for 2 3/4” shells. It can also do 3” shells.

Size 27 and 30 bushings are included, along with original manual.

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-Precision Reloading powder bottle with internal baffle, used in very good condition. Shotgun forums are brimming with methods to get decently consistent powder “drops” with the rudimentary MEC powder bottle. This is clearly impossible – the downward force on the powder as it fills the bushing varies with the amount of powder in the bottle. A proper baffle of the type used in many rifle/handgun presses is needed. 

-“Shovel” handle. Provides a way to use two hands if desired or will work with one., and provides  more leverage than the stock handle.

-New measure assembly, compatible with many bottle related accessories. 

-502 (new style) 1 1/8 oz. charge bar, which accepts changeable bushings for powder. Included are 2 bushings, size 27 and 30. 

-An 8-point crimp starter is installed in the machine. A 6-point starter will be included.

-Wood base: We have never needed to clamp or weight these bases to run the press. When the machine is mounted directly to a table top, a shallow tray is all that can be used for the spent primers, and they can easily pile up and interfere with the shell lifter bracket, jamming the machine. The base allows a much taller box for catching spent primers.


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