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Krieghoff K80 with 3 Barrels
Krieghoff K80 with 3 Barrels

Krieghoff K80 with 3 Barrels

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Price: $8,000.00
Unsingle, Over/Under and Skeet Barrels Included
Item Number: FW01391
Availability: In Stock.

Krieghoff/Shotguns of Ulm K80 12 gauge three barrel trap/skeet set. Serial number indicates date of manufacture in 1987. Serial also appears on all three barrels: 32 inch unsingle trap, 30 inch over/under and 28 inch skeet.

This K80 is in excellent used condition. Bores are bright and shiny like new, no dents, scratches, or corrosion. Beautiful walnut stock with two forends. Stock and forends are in like new condition, with no dings and feature sharp checkering. Receiver finish and barrel bluing are both excellent. Receiver parts have been upgraded, see details below.

This K80 was imported during a few years when the “Shotguns of Ulm” label was substituted in the U.S. for “Krieghoff“, for marketing and distribution reasons. SoU serial numbers were in the same sequence as Krieghoff labeled guns. The barrels have Krieghoff markings, and are compatible with any K80. With the mechanical upgrades, this shotgun is equal to any newer K80, other than cosmetic issues.


Gauge12 Gauge
Trap Barrel32" Unsingle, with adjustable rib, 6 choke tubes
Over/Under Barrel30", vent rib with adjustable POI, fixed chokes: full, improved modified
Skeet Barrel28", vent rib with ported barrels, fixed skeet chokes
14 1/2" with recoil pad
(Adjustable from 14 3/8" to 14 5/8")
Drop at Comb
1 1/8" (trap, ou)
1 1/4" (skeet)
Drop at Heel
1 1/4" (trap, ou) 
1 3/8" (skeet)
TriggerSingle, adjustable
StockWalnut pistol grip, with two forends, no cast
With Skeet Barrel: 8lbs 9.6oz
With Over/Under Barrel: 8lbs 6.8oz
With Unsingle Barrel: 8ls 7.8oz
Overall Length
With Skeet Barrel: 45 1/4"
With Over/Under Barrel: 47 1/4"
With Unsingle Barrel: 49 1/2"
ExtrasAluminum lockable case, original manual, hang tag, choke tubes and wrenches

RECEIVER: Electroless nickel finish. Markings: K80 on each side, “K80 Shotguns of Ulm Ulm W. Germany” on bottom. Serial number is on the top receiver rail. Sear springs have been upgraded to the in-line type. Note the protrusion on the sides of the hammers – we believe these to be upgraded as well. Release lever is well to the right of center when a barrel is latched, see photos. A previous owner’s initials were added to the trigger guard in gold. The letters are above the surface, and would be easy to file off, or the trigger guard could be replaced.

UNSINGLE TRAP BARREL:32”, choke tube, adjustable rib 11mm wide rear and 8mm front, center bead. Barrel flat marked with gun serial number,“14701”, “SHOTGUNS OF ULM”, “MADE IN W-GERMANY”, and “IG” (1986) with Nitro and Ulm proof marks. Barrel in front of block marked “18.6mm 12/70” with Nitro proof mark. Left side of barrel at forend lug marked “IMPORTED BY KRIEGHOFF INT. OTTSVILLE PA” and “BOHLER-LAUFSTAHL”, a type of steel. 12/70 indicates 2 3/4” chamber.

DOUBLE TRAP BARREL:30”, full and improved modified fixed choke, rib 11mm wide rear and 8mm front, center bead, under barrel POI adjustable by replacing front hanger bracket, no spares included. There is no reason to change this, but it could be done. Rib is app. 17mm above center of over bore at rear, 12mm at front. Barrel flat marked with gun serial number “14701”, “SHOTGUNS OF ULM”, “MADE IN W-GERMANY”. Left side of barrel block marked “2 3/4 F” (over) and “2 3/4 IM” (under). Each barrel marked in front of block “18.7mm 12/70”. Left side of under barrel at forend lug marked “IMPORTED BY MELVIN J. HUNTING BELLE MEAD NEW JERSEY”, over barrel marked “BOHLER-LAUFSTAHL”.

DOUBLE SKEET BAREL: 28”, skeet fixed chokes, rib 11mm wide front and rear, center bead, both barrels ported. Rib is app. 19mm above center of over bore at rear, 14mm at front. Barrel flat marked “14701-2”, “SHOTGUNS OF ULM”, “MADE IN W-GERMANY”, and “IG” (1986) with Nitro and Ulm proof marks. Left side of barrel block marked “ 3” S ” over and under. Barrels in front of block marked “18.6mm 12/76” on each. Left side of barrel at forend lug marked “IMPORTED BY KRIEGHOFF INT. OTTSVILLE PA” (under) and “BOHLER-LAUFSTAHL” (over). 12/76 is just a second indication of 3” chambers.

STOCK: walnut, very attractive grain, pistol grip style, checkered grip, palm swell on both sides. Pachmayr White Line recoil pad. Almost new appearance except for some small dents on the edge of the pistol grip “cap” (doesn’t have a separate cap piece). LOP: 14 1/2 as trigger is currently positioned (adjustable). Has no cast. Drop measurements using skeet barrel: comb 1 1/4, heel 1 3/8 – a slight slope down from back to front. Drop with unsingle barrel: comb 1 1/8, heel 1 1/4.

FORENDS (2): walnut, both a good match to stock appearance. Both about 10 1/2” long, both work with any barrel. One is 1 3/4” wide and has more of a sloped front, pictured with both trap barrels. This one has the serial number stamped into its mechanism. The other is 2 1/8” wide, and has no serial number. This forend is pictured with the skeet barrel.

This K80 is in perfect working condition. We test fired it with all three barrels. Patterns for each barrel are shown with photos. Pattern elevation depends on the shooter’s position as well as rib slope – another shooter might get a different result. A 30” circle was superimposed on each pattern according to reference marks on the paper. Trap barrel patterns are 30 yards, 20 for the skeet barrel.


·6 choke tubes for the unsingle trap barrel: 1 set standard steel M, IM, F, and 1 set extended stainless M, IM, F

·2 choke wrenches

·Aluminum case by Americase holds complete set. Good used condition.

·Original factory manual

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