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Inland US M1 .30 Carbine
US M1 .30 Carbine

Inland US M1 .30 Carbine

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Price: $1,600.00
Post WW2 Rebuild with SA Barrel
Item Number: FW01221471
Availability: SOLD.
US M1 .30 Carbine, made during WW2 by Inland Division of General Motors. Serial number 3001528 dates to Sept 1943-Jan 1944. This carbine went through an arsenal rebuild after the war and has parts from mixed manufacturers (see details below). No import marks. The barrel is Springfield Armory, dated 8-49. The stock is likely a USGI replacement, but there are no proof or arsenal markings. 

This carbine is in very good used condition. Metal has been reparkerized and the gun does not appear to have seen much use since the rebuild. The bore is mirror bright. The stock has a few dings and scratches but overall is in great shape. 

The carbine has been test fired and functions perfectly.

Included: 15 round original GI magazine, "M.R.T" marked sling, oiler and a canvas carry case. Case is OD green, marked "U.S." on the outside and "SHANE MFG 1944" inside. The case is in very good condition.

C & R Eligible.


Receiver: Inland Division General Motors, marked "INLAND DIV.", followed by serial number 3001528 (partially hidden by rear sight).

Barrel:  Springfield Armory, marked "S A 8-49", with small crossed cannons. Bore is bright and shiny. 

Trigger Housing: Saginaw Gear, marked "SG" 

Operating Slide: Inland, marked "P" on inside and bottom

Recoil Plate: Standard Products

Stock and handguards: No markings, very good used condition, a few dings and scratches, no cracks. Handguard finish is a good match to the stock.

Magazine: 15 Rounds, marked "LU", Underwood

Sling/Oiler: Sling marked "M.R.T. 03/14/55" (markings are very faint). Oiler is unmarked.

Case: Canvas, marked "U.S." outside, and "SHANE MFG 1944" inside

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