Sold Gallery

Our inventory of used and collectible items changes quickly. Here is a selection of our recent sales. In addition to items we sell at, we also sell on Gun Broker, Guns America and Guns International websites. Look for our listings under the id FernwoodArmory.

Winchester M1 Carbine WW2
Sold: $1750.00

Springfield M1903
Sold: $1500.00

Smith & Wesson K-22
Sold: $970.00

Winchester Model 70 Custom Built by Creighton Audette
Sold: $1500.00

M1 Garand National Match Type 2
Sold: $3900.00

Remington Nylon 12
Sold: $1065.00

Underwood M1 Carbine WW2 USGI
Sold: $999.00

Colt SP1 Pre-Ban AR-15
Sold: $1950.00

Springfield Armory M1922
Sold: $1600.00

Winchester 9422 High Grade
Sold: $1050.00

Springfield Armory M1 Garand Marked 0-66 over SA-52
Sold: $1800.00

Springfield Armory M1C Garand
Sold: $8300.00

Springfield Armory M1D Garand
Sold: $4350.00

Colt Detective Special 1st Issue
Sold: $1500.00

Springfield Armory M1903
Sold: $925.00

Winchester 9422 Magnum with Win Cam Stock
Sold: $1300.00

Smith & Wesson Model 15
Sold: $675.00

Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1957
Sold: $1875.00

Springfield Armory M1 Garand WW2 Six Digit Serial
Sold: $2000.00

Remington Rand 1911A1
Sold: $1900.00

Winchester M1 Carbine WW2 1944
Sold: $1950.00

HRA M1 Garand with LMR Barrel
Sold: $1900.00

Walther PPK/S .22LR
Sold: $1175.00

Smith Corona Model 1903-A3
Sold: $850.00

Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1943
Sold: $2400

Saginaw Gear M1 Carbine WW2
Sold: $1325.00

International Harvester M1 Garand
Sold: $2300.00