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Franchi Elite Side by Side Shotgun
Franchi Elite Side by Side Shotgun

Franchi Elite Side by Side Shotgun

On Sale: $1,250.00 $1,000.00
28 Gauge, 26" Barrels
Item Number: FW01287
Availability: In Stock.

Franchi Elite 28 ga SxS shotgun, serial 18514. The serial number is marked on the receiver, barrels, and forend. Manufactured 1983. 26” barrels, right barrel improved cylinder, left modified. 2 3/4” chambers. LOP is 14".

This gun is in excellent used condition. The case colored receiver, trigger guard, and release lever have decorative engraving. The barrels’ exteriors have some minor scratches, but the bores are perfect.  The walnut straight grip stock and splinter forend are very nice but do have some handling marks, none severe. The recoil pad is factory marked.

There are various markings under the barrels:

14.1 (on both barrels) – 28 gauge

KG1,300 – barrel weight 2 lbs 15 oz

CAM.70 – 2 3/4“ chambers

Star PSF - Smokeless proof at 12,000 psi

Star Shield - mark of the Gardone Val Trompia Proof house.

Star FINITO - final proof of a gun in the completed state



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