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Colt US M1911A1 Barrel
Colt 1911-A1 Barrel 45 Auto

Colt US M1911A1 Barrel

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Price: $300.00
US Military Production
Item Number: FW01378
Availability: In Stock.
Colt US Military 1911A1 barrel, .45 Auto. This barrel fits Colt serial number range 710,000 to 2,368,781, production years 1937-1945. It is stamped "COLT 45 AUTO" on the left side. "P" stamped on the left barrel lug. Right barrel lug is blank. Inspection mark "7" is on the bottom of the barrel, forward of the lug.

This barrel is in excellent condition. Bore is mirror bright, lettering and edges are sharp. This barrel was removed for a .22lr conversion, and there is little evidence it was used much prior to the conversion. 

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