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Springfield Armory M1D Garand CMP
M1D Garand

Springfield Armory M1D Garand CMP

On Sale: $3,700.00 $3,500.00
1951 Barrel, M84 Telescope
Item Number: FW01323
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Springfield Armory M1D Garand, serial number 3819772, made in June 1945. This M1D Garand came from the CMP South Store as a complete package, with the USGI M84 scope, mount and leather cheekpad. CMP certificate of authenticity is included. SA 7-51 barrel has a bright bore. Everything on this rifle is USGI. No import marks.

We test fired the rifle and it performed well at 100 yards. See our video.

Two M1 enbloc clips (no ammo) are included.



Receiver: marked “D 28291 35” on leg, heat lot 090B. Leg also hand engraved “TE 12-68”. Excellent condition, no pitting. Finish (not original) shows very little wear.

Barrel: marked “S-A-7-51” in op rod slot, and “P” with punch mark. Also marked “D731255 41 A150” on top, with “M” and small crossed cannons stamp. Bore is bright like new, rifling and crown excellent. External finish is in excellent condition.

Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Wear: 1 1/4  Throat Erosion:  3 1/4

Scope: marked “TELESCOPE M84 SERIAL NO. 36654”. Complete with rubber eyepiece and objective shield. Adjustment turret base marked “7667424”. Crosshair (post type) sharp and complete. No dents, external finish very good, no pitting. Turret caps dented but complete, working. Manufacturer Libby Owens Ford, note white border around serial number.

Scope mount: GI, very good condition

Lower band: 2-piece flat top with roll pin

Clip latch: WWII round front

Op rod: flat side, marked “D35382 SA. Excellent condition, no pitting, little finish wear

Op rod catch: late type, marked “B”, Harvester part

Bullet guide: stamped without notch

Follower: late type marked “11”

Follower arm: no bevel

Follower rod: long fork, riveted

Bolt: marked “6528287-SA A15”

Sight knobs: postwar T105 type, windage marked “LUX”, elevation marked “DRC”, very light stamp

Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

Rear sight aperture: double track, unmarked

Trigger housing:  marked “6528290 – HRA N”, very light stamp. Excellent condition, no pitting, some finish wear

Trigger guard: WWII milled SA

Trigger: late type, no extra hole

Hammer: marked “C46008-7 SA”

Hammer spring plunger: late type without wings

Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, flat on top of rear ring marked “E”, punch on bayonet lug. Gas cylinder group finish in fair condition

Front sight: 0.85 wide, unmarked.

Gas cylinder lock: beveled front, unmarked

Gas cylinder screw: cross slot poppet valve type, marked “P” with hexagon

Stock: walnut, apparently arsenal replacement. No markings other than “H” on pistol grip. No cracks, about average dings/scratches, worst scratch on pistol grip, still nice appearance overall

Cheekpad: leather, no date marking. Not attached with screws, and no visible screw holes in the wood.

Handguards: walnut, no cracks, about same condition as stock

Buttplate: round plunger, good condition with some finish wear

Accessories: sealed bag containing canvas scope cover

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