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International Harvester M1 Garand
International Harvester M1 Garand

International Harvester M1 Garand

Price: $1,550.00
LMR 1954 Barrel
Item Number: FW01360
Availability: SOLD.


International Harvester M1 Garand, serial number 5074444, manufactured about 1954. LMR 4-54 barrel, likely original to the receiver, with bright bore. Receiver, bolt, trigger group and some small parts are IHC, but others are Springfield. All are described below and shown in pictures. No import marks.

All metal has been reparkerized. No parts were pitted, just had very worn finish that looked bad and provided no corrosion protection. Parts photos are after refinish, before assembly, showing no wear marks from moving parts. After our test firing, there will be normal minor wear marks.

The rifle has been disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and test fired. Parts were clean for photos, coated with oil and greased where appropriate when reassembled.

Two M1 enbloc clips, sling and canvas ammo bandolier are included.




Receiver: marked “D6528291-T” on leg. Marked on top with serial number and “U.S. RIFLE CAL. 30 M1 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER”.

Barrel: likely original to the receiver, marked “LMR D6535448 4 54 A32” and punch mark, with “M” and 2 “P” marks and a small stars and eagle stamp. Bore is bright, crown and rifling VG. Chrome pads at gas port.

Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Wear: 2, Throat Erosion:  3

Op rod: marked “6535382 SA”

Op rod catch: late type, unmarked

Bullet guide: stamped with notch, unmarked

Follower: late type, unmarked

Follower arm: no bevel

Follower rod: long fork, riveted

Bolt: marked “6528287 IHC D19”

Firing pin: half round, no chrome tip

Clip latch: late square front type, marked “B”

Rear sight base: marked “A” underneath

Elevation knob: marked “IHC” with Weatherhead logo

Windage knob: marked “BME”

Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

Rear sight aperture: HRA/SA/IHC type, double track

Trigger housing: marked “6528290 IHC B”

Trigger guard: stamped with stamped hook, unmarked

Trigger: late type, no extra hole, unmarked

Hammer: marked “5546008 IHC A”

Hammer spring plunger: postwar type, no wings

Safety: unmarked

Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, flat on top of rear ring. We do not know the manufacturer of the GC.

Front sight: 0.65 wide

Gas cylinder lock: beveled front WWII type

Gas cylinder lock screw: cross slot, grenade launcher type, marked “P” and “O”

Stock and handguards: new, walnut, nice finish

Sling: new repro



M1 Garand Leather Sling Reproduction 1907
$29.95 $19.95 Sale
In Stock.
M1 Enbloc Clip
$2.50 $2.00 Sale
In Stock.

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