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Frederick Williams 12 Gauge

Frederick Williams 12 Gauge

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PreWar English Side by Side
Item Number: FW01266
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Frederick Williams 12 ga S x S shotgun, English, serial 105788. Damascus barrels, exposed side hammers. Our best estimate of manufacture date is 1925. In OK antique condition, has wear but no rust. Forend and barrel serial numbers match the receiver. Barrel is 30’, assume 2 1/2” chambers. LOP is 14” to front trigger.

The bores are not rusted. They are mostly shiny, but imperfections can be seen, probably related to the Damascus metal. In our opinion Damascus barrels should never be fired, even with black powder, unless sleeved. We did fire two shells with primer only, to test the hammers etc. The action works perfectly, so this could be a sleeve project gun. Extractors also work.

A basic shotgun barrel gauge indicates modified choke on both barrels. The markings may define the choke but we aren’t familiar with British marks. Both barrels are marked 12 over C in a diamond; one barrel is marked “choke” next to this. Both barrels are marked “Nitro proof 1 1/8”. Both barrels are also marked crown over BP, crown over BV, crown over NP. Both barrels are also marked 2 and 14 over 1, next to deeply struck crowns. The barrel rib is marked “Fred’k Williams London & Birmingham”. Receiver sideplates are marked “Fred’k Williams”

Barrels, receiver, hammers, and trigger guard have some decorative engraving.

The receiver flat is marked crown over BV on each side, and the serial number is marked once.

Semi-pistol grip round knob stock and splinter forend appear to be walnut. The forend has had a repair, seems solid. The stock has a crack that runs from the buttplate to the grip. We don’t see any of the crack in the checkered area. The stock seems solid, so we suspect that this has been repaired. There is a filled spot forward of the brass plate on the heel, which may cover a screw used to repair this. There could be another repair under the buttplate.

We consider this a project or collector gun, not to be fired in its present condition. 

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