Springfield Armory M1 Garand National Match DCM 1963
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Springfield Armory M1 Garand National Match DCM 1963

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Here is one of the last lot of National match M1 rifles built by Springfield Armory. This is a Type 2 National Match M1 Garand, serial number 5291417, built in 1963. It was originally sold by the DCM in 1971. A letter from the CMP verifiying authentication of this rifle is included, along with a copy of the original sales record.

This rifle is as-new and never used, in its M1 NM package. The white material on the rifle is an anti-corrosion compound from the packaging. This rifle is as it left the armorer’s workbench, with no wear or corrosion on any parts.

No import marks. All parts are described in detail below and shown in photos.


Springfield Armory National Match M1 Garand 5291417 Specs:


·         Receiver: marked “F 6528291” on leg, heat lot A55B.

·         Barrel: marked “SA 7791035 2 63 Y14” in op rod slot, with a “P” that has a punch mark, a “P” that does not, a “T”, “M”, and a small stars and eagle (DOD) stamp. Also marked “NM” on the exposed forward section, on the left side. Bore is bright like new, crown and rifling perfect. Chamber is in the white. Barrels with part number 7791035 were specifically manufactured for NM rifles, used in 1963 only.

·         Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Wear (MW): ½,  Throat Erosion (TE):  2

·         Lower band: two-piece flat top with roll pin

·         Clip latch: WWII round front type

·         Op rod: flat side, marked “7790722-SA”, also “NM” on top of handle

·         Op rod catch: late type, unmarked

·         Bullet guide: stamped type with notch

·         Follower: late type, unmarked

·         Follower arm: no bevel, has hammer forge mark “2S9”

·         Follower rod: long fork, riveted

·         Bolt: marked “6528287-SA A15”

·         Sight knobs: elevation marked “BS” (rare Bendix Stromberg), windage “BME NM”

·         Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

·         Rear sight aperture: hooded NM, marked “NM” on slide, “595” on hood

·         Rear sight base: marked “N M/2A”

·         Trigger housing:  marked “6528290-SA”, also hand marked “1417” inside.

·         Trigger guard: stamped with stamped hook

·         Trigger: late type, no extra hole

·         Hammer: marked “C46008-9 SA”

·         Hammer spring plunger: late type without wings

·         Safety: round top, marked “SA_11”

·         Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, round on top of rear ring, bayonet lug marked “L”. Despite the round ring, this appears to be IHC. It could be SA. Rear tang marked “NM”

·         Front sight: ears are 0.66 wide, sight is marked “NM 062” on the right side

·         Gas cylinder lock: beveled front WWII type, unmarked

·         Gas cylinder screw: cross slot, poppet valve type, marked “T” and “A”

·         Stock: walnut, armory bedded, has circled “P” on pistol grip, stars and eagle (DOD) on left side, hand marked “1417” inside.

·         Front ferrule: late large hole type.

·         Buttplate: round plunger type.

·         Handguards: walnut. Front HG is definitely attached to the lower band but without screws. Rear HG may or may not be attached to the lower band.



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