Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1965 Rebuild Unissued DCM
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Springfield Armory M1 Garand 1965 Rebuild Unissued DCM

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Very rare unissued 1965 Springfield Armory rebuild M1 Garand originally manufactured in July 1943. Serial number 1713421. SA 1943 barrel with very good bore. No import marks.


This M1 has been in the possession of the original purchaser until now, in its arsenal packaging, unused. Authentication paperwork from the Department of the Army / Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) is included, also the box and VCI bag that the rifle was shipped in, from Rock Island Arsenal.


Some white material is visible on parts of the rifle. This is anti-corrosion compound from the packaging. Other than the white material, the rifle is clean.


M1 Garands, like all military small arms, were rebuilt for many years after manufacture. Parts were replaced as needed, and refinishing metal was common. This rifle almost certainly has its original barrel, because a replacement with the same date as the receiver is very unlikely. Receiver and barrel were refinished, and the rifle was assembled from refinished parts, with new stock and handguards.


Sling, accessory kit noted below and all paperwork plus original box included.


C & R Eligible**


SA M1 sn 1713421 Specs:


·         Receiver: marked “D 28291 28” on leg, heat lot Q46C<>, excellent condition, serial and lettering sharp as new. Also hand marked “SA 12-65” indicating rebuild at Springfield Armory. Photo of receiver underside shows a spot at the back; this is a thin bit of wood from the stock.

·         Barrel: marked “2-S-A-7-43” in op rod slot, also 2 “P” marks, a punch mark, and a small crossed cannons stamp. Bore is bright, rifling good, no chrome pads at gas port.

·         Barrel Gauge Measurements: Muzzle Wear (MW): 1 1/2., Throat Erosion (TE):  2

·         Clip latch: late square front type

·         Op rod: flat side, marked “D35382 6 SA”, unmodified.

·         Op rod catch: late square front type, unmarked

·         Bullet guide: milled WWII type

·         Follower: late type, marked “11”

·         Follower arm: no bevel, unmarked

·         Follower rod: long fork, riveted

·         Bolt: marked “D28287-12SA S-A1<>”

·         Sight knobs: elevation has Weather head logo, windage marked “BME”

·         Rear sight cover: late type with ribs

·         Rear sight aperture: double track

·         Trigger housing:  marked “D28290-12-SA”

·         Trigger guard: milled WWII type, unmarked

·         Trigger: late type, no extra hole

·         Hammer: marked “C46008-2 SA”

·         Hammer spring plunger: WWII type with wings

·         Safety: round top, marked “SA_11”

·         Gas cylinder: wide sight platform, flat on top of rear ring marked “11”, rear tang marked “5”. Has WWII saw cut, which has been tack welded

·         Front sight: 0.65 wide, unmarked

·         Gas cylinder lock: beveled front type, marked “M”

·         Gas cylinder screw: cross slot, poppet valve type, marked “P” and “O”

·         Stock: walnut, arsenal replacement, unused condition. Marked “R.R.A.” and “RRAD”, has two “P” in square marks on pistol grip.

·         Handguards: walnut, unused condition

·         Buttplate: square plunger type, appears to be used refinished

·         Accessories: sectioned cleaning rod kit with brush and tool, chamber brush, web sling, op rod handle cover, front sight cover (not pictured), oiler.

**Firearms marked “C & R eligible” can be shipped directly to holders of valid Curio and Relics FFLs. Non licensed individuals may purchase these guns but they must be shipped to an FFL dealer. More information available in our HOW TO BUY GUIDE


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